3 Essential Makeup Brushes If You Are a Beginner

Posted by Hasibah Sandifer on

Makeup brushes matter as much as quality makeups. The brushes you use impact the overall result of your look. We know that makeup does not have rules but certain brushes work better for certain things. Keep on reading to find out the 3 most essential makeup brushes every beginner needs in their kit and add it on your collection.
1. Foundation Kabuki Brush
Kabuki foundation brush can get perfectly soft and dewy skin that appears totally pore less. It’s perfect for buffing liquid or powder foundation into the skin and giving it a picture-perfect polish. If you want that celebrity skin that always appears flawless, this is the perfect foundation brush.
2. Concealer Brush
A brush will give you that lightness of effect, and diffusion of product, that seemed to improve on the coverage of every concealer you use, and will make your makeup look even better and more natural.
3. Double-Ended Brow Brush
This dual ended eyebrow brush makes brow grooming nightmares a thing of the past. Using the hard-angled brush to apply brow creams and powders to define your brows, then flip the brush over and use the spoolie to blend product into your brows for a soft & natural look.
What is your must-have makeup brushes? Let us know whether you’ll be picking up any of these essentials.

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